Ladies and Gentlemen and all you freaks in between, Baron and Baroness Magazine x Ditto welcome you to The Paradiso Cinema, the sexiest show you have ever seen.Wear your leather macs and nothing beneath, The Paradiso is a 30 seat cinema for the purveyors of the finest films about sex and sexuality around.   Watch film classics by Baron & Baroness Magazine, including `The Last Peep Show in Soho’, by Edith Bergfors; lesbian rom com `Tokyo Midnight’, by Eori Wakakuwa. Plus new releases - `My Little Cupcake’ a new cross dressing thriller by Eloise Parry; `Angels’, a sexy new thriller for the lady about town and her gay best friend, by Sarah Baker and the Baroness’s debut erotic pop video `Xstasy’, by screen sensation and artist Emma Gruner and electronic musician Viva Victoria. Plus a curated selection of films by like-minded artists including Oriana Fox, Sharna Osborne, Tyrone Lebon, Claire Hooper, Anastasios Logothetis and Monique Bröring.

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