Ditto is excited to announce a new show by French mixed-media artist Thomas Mailaender. Showcasing a series of his cyanotypes, along aside a publication designed and printed by Ditto, and published by Roman Road Gallery.   The cyanotype process (characterised by its cyan-blue hue) was developed as a means for blueprinting. Mailender utilises this technique to print images taken from his Fun Archive, a personal collection of absurd and anonymous pictures intuitively pulled from the Internet. Using this archaic and outmoded process to reproduce images from the modern digital age creates a dialogue about the validity and authenticity of images, and their place as artworks.   Mailaender has exhibited globally, including shows at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Roman Road gallery in London, and M+B in LA. He has also published numerous books including ‘Cathedral Cars’ and ‘Extreme Tourism’.

thomas-mailaender-brown-mouth-2015_web-1000x756-1cyanotypes_image_5 cyanotypes_image_2  thomas-mailaender-office-landscape-2015_web-1000x713