A show and publication by notorious artist and long-time Ditto collaborator James Unsworth. Following the success of the legendary (and now banned) Ninja Turtle Sex Museum, his new body of work, Dead Boys, features more of his trademark grotesque, perverse and exquisitely detailed day-glo imagery. Dead Boys is a frame-by-frame re-imagining of an underground gay porn magazine from the early 90s.   To mark the launch of the new publication, Unsworth exhibited a new series of watercolours and a mixed media installation to create a window into his world. In the publication released to coincide with the show, Unsworth delves into the illicit lives of his necrophiliac protagonists in moments of lovingly detailed horror, playing on the conflict between his artisanal practice and his x-rated subject matter. Unsworth creates work that transcends categorisation with reference to 70s porn films, 80s b-movies and 90s pop culture in a beautifully produced Riso and offset printed zine.

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