Sanna Charles has been documenting tribes of Slayer fans around Europe since she was sent to Download Festival in 2003 on assignment for the NME. She was drawn to their escapism, and the contradiction between this extreme music and the innocence of their often youthful fans. God Listens To Slayer presents this body of work in a book featuring design and art direction by Ben Freeman and published by Ditto.   This ten-year-long project is a glimpse into the lives of this community; one that transcends age, class, gender and culture; captured from the front row at festivals, to venue parking lots and inside their homes. The diversity of fans is evident through their one commonality – a sense of alienation and of being ostracised by contemporary culture and popular music.   Festivals and concerts provide a sanctum for those that pledge allegiance. Slayer have become 
one of the most enduring bands in the world. Having never had the mainstream success of their peers, they have maintained an incredibly loyal and committed fan base. As the band remain resolute in their sound and aesthetic, so do the fans. The uniform remains consistent, regardless 
of the fleeting trends and fashions of the time.   God Listens To Slayer is a snapshot of a culture that has endured defiantly unchanged over the past 32 years, and an homage to true fans around the world.

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