Ditto and Liam Hodges collaborated to produce a book for SS16: Locked On.   We celebrated the launch with a DJ set from Maxwell Owin + live performances from James Massiah and Hector Aponysus.   Drawing from the UK’s pirate radio culture, Hodges creates an aesthetic inspired by DIY and the obsessive energy of the rave scene. Locked On is art directed by long term Ditto collaborator, Jamie Andrew Reid.   Locked On transmits coded messages through graffiti inspired glyphs and camo patterns, often distorted and bouncing between frequencies. This transmission is broken up by a collection of 6x4”photographs, which give a glimpse of Hodges’ SS16 collection, Blackburn’s Children, which is the source material for the publication.   Originally from Kent and now based in London, RCA graduate Liam Hodges is known for his upfront, hard-wearing collections, and Locked On operates as a pattern swatch-come-look book, showcasing the screwface subversity which inspires his collections. This attitude is further captured in the scrappy format of the book, which comprises of 10 multi coloured Risograph sections, mull bound with both photocopied, and offset printed inserts.   The book also includes a transcript of South London poet Hector Aponysus’ spoken word piece which, along with Visionist, soundtracked Hodges’ catwalk show.

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