Metallen, by Emma Hammar, uses the archive of a defunct metal factory in Västerås, Sweden, to create a vision of a utopian world made of twisted aluminium and decaying copper.   Featuring art direction by Ben Freeman at Ditto, The Metallen project was authored by Emma Hammar, an editor and researcher living in London. Hammar grew up on Maskinistgatan (Machinist St) in Västerås – a stone’s throw away from the metal plants. Her research in to her town’s heritage led her to Nils Blix, a photographer who was hired by the plant to work in the laboratory where he filmed the ethereal microscopic processes of oxidising copper which form the basis of the book.   Metallen also features a series of microfictions by Philippa Snow and is released along with an album with music from Cremation Lily, Endgame, Wwwings, The Real Ricky, Grovestreet and Kadahn.   Metallen is an homage to metal and the factory in Västerås. The images and films that make up the project were unearthed by Hammar and have never been seen by the public.

metallen_image_27 metallen_image_26 th-real-rickymetallen_image_25 metallen_image_24 wwwingsmetallen_image_23  metallen_image_21 cremation-lilymetallen_image_20 metallen_image_18 metallen_image_17 metallen_image_16 endgamemetallen_image_15 metallen_image_14 metallen_image_13 metallen_image_10kadahnmetallen_image_11