“I’ll mold my love for you: I can’t say over the telephone what I want to say to you: ‘Please touch your cock because I can’t touch your cock now and I have to touch your cock.’ What’s mainly not allowed? Time’s the main non-allower. I can’t touch your cock right now because one event can’t be another event. (Time is substance). Three thousand miles now between the events of you and me, or three hours.” Kathy Acker, Don Quixote. 1986.   Sarah Piantadosi is a London based photographer who regularly contributes to Dazed and Confused, AnOther Man and AnOther magazine. The City Is Abstract, art directed by Jamie Andrew Reid, is her second artist zine and gallery show following 2015’s Milk Jagger. The publication was launched at Ditto and marked with a gallery show.   The City Is Abstract presents a raw, carnal and uncompromising head to head between two subcultural figures from opposing sides of the Atlantic, Emil Bognar-Nasdor and Reba Maybury.   During a meeting at Piantadosi’s studio in 2015 these pictures were created spontaneously, cementing a specific kinetic moment in the lives of the subjects portrayed. The studio, though located in London, represents a neutral space between cities where experimentation, emotion and sexuality are acted out uninhibited and unrestrained.   Emil Bognar-Nasdor is a NYC musician, producer and multi-media performance artist. These photos were taken during a European tour for his primordial noise band, Dawn of Humans.   Reba Maybury is a British writer, dominatrix and founder of publishing house Wet Satin Press.    

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